Strategic Framework 2020–2025

Empowering Women to Succeed in the Business of Sports

For more than 25 years, WISE has helped women in sports business excel in their careers. Looking ahead, we plan to provide even more — tools, resources and training for women to not only succeed in the industry, but to lead it. Our five-year action plan to ground, grow, produce and sustain is guided by our strong desire to ensure all female sports business professionals have the opportunity and support to reach their full potential.

Our Vision

To be the preeminent leadership development organization for women in the business of sports.

Our Promise

WISE will expand women’s view of the sports industry. We will provide members access to quality resources, services and a shared community so they can confidently define and navigate their career paths.

Our Values


Committed to exploring new and innovative approaches to delivering content; addressing what matters most to members.


We will be a credible voice for women, anchored by facts and solution oriented.


We will be respectful and collaborative and ensure all members feel a sense of belonging.

Strategic Direction

Inspire and Support Women’s Entry and Advancement in the Sports Industry

Deepen women’s understanding of the roles, opportunities and skills needed to succeed. It is vitally important that we provide the tools, resources and testimonials to help women confidently navigate their professional careers and advocate for themselves.

Lead Industry-wide Research and Conversation on Workplace Challenges and Opportunities

Effect positive cultural change with fact-based evidence demonstrating the value of gender diversity and offer actionable solutions to attracting and advancing women and women of color.

Elevate Organization Reputation to Drive Member Recruitment, Program Enrollment and Partner Engagement

WISE contributions recognized and impact felt throughout the industry. The organization is viewed as the go-to for women’s leadership development — advancing leaders to the executive level.

Build a High-Performing Organization at All Levels of Engagement

Train and recruit best-in-class volunteer and professional leadership staff aligned around common goals.

Ensure Financial Stability and Viability

Maintain internal financial controls to ensure integrity and safeguards, giving confidence to current and potential members, partners and donors.

GROUND / 2020

Brand Refresh

WISE Council Established

Chapter – Full Compliance

New AMS + Enterprise-wide CRM Platform

Member Pulse and Landscape Audit

Member Campaign Launched

Conscious Inclusion Programming

Analytics Program Launched by Q4

GROW / 2021 to 2022

Leadership Development Offerings Expanded

New Mentor Platform and Offerings

New Programming Innovations

Capacity Building Campaign Launched

Financial Target Achieved

PRODUCE AND SUSTAIN / 2023 to 2025

Chapter Innovations

Member Innovations